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SuperSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has helped 1,000's of men and women get superFIT in Mind, Body and Spirit! We take great pride in the fact that our total body Boot Camp program helps change lives! Our graduates often thank us on the fact that they end up achieving much more than just a 'fit body'!

Check out what these SSFBC graduates had to say about the RESULTS they achieved:

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Gina G.

"I am a mom of two athletic teenagers and a physical fitness education teacher. Over the years I have tried pilates, personal training and the 'gym route'. Nothing has given me the total body results that I have achieved with superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. Thank You SSFBC!"

Joe W. - U.S. Air Force Captain

"After serving a year long combat tour in Afghanistan, I was seeking a complete fitness & nutrition program to help get me back on track and fit, one that would also help me score higher on my military physical fitness test! superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP did just that and more! I'd highly recommend it to anyone currently serving in the military or preparing to go in!"

Jennifer B.

"After six weeks, I lost 23 lbs., shaved two minutes off my one mile run time, eliminated knee pain and increased my energy levels through the roof! Thank You superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP!"

Jerimaya G.

"I joined SSFBC because I was getting out of shape, unmotivated to workout and not getting results from the gym. superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP helped me get back on track and pushed me to achieve amazing total body RESULTS!"

Daniella M.

"I joined superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP because I had never worked out before and wanted to be motivated and pushed. The results I achieved were incredible and I have never been this fit in my entire life! My biggest take away was that after completing SSFBC....I don't there this anything that I cannot do! THANK YOU"

Naomi B.

"I have had a 8-5 desk job for the past 5 years and was living a sedentary lifestyle. I've tried other boot camps, workout videos and actually own 3 gym memberships. Nothing has gotten me the RESULTS I've achieved with superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. I am addicted!"

Jessica T.

"After having kids and working 60-70 hours a week, I fell into the trap of not working out....superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP helped me get back into the routine. I've toned up, improved my overall strength, endurance levels and I feel GREAT!"

Mickey B.

"superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP changed me physically but more than that it changed me mentally. I went from being a couch potato to an athlete!"

Jodi M.

"I've been training on and off with superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP for 8 years! I LOVE IT! superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP got me mentally and physically prepared to conquer the tallest free standing mountain in the world - Mt. Kilimanjaro. Training in the sand has taken my overall fitness to a whole new level! Thank You SSFBC!"

Heather M.

"I am joining the U.S. MARINE Corps and superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP got me mentally and physically prepared to be the BEST I can BE. Thank You SSFBC!"

Mark M.

"I never thought I'd be in this kind of shape at 48 years old! I feel like I am 18 years old again! I wake up with tons of energy. superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has been life changing for me! I am now in my 18th week. Thank You!"


"superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I feel and look better than I have in years. I've made great friends and have had an awesome time. Do this for yourself - I guarantee you will not regret it."

Gina P.

“I LOVE SSFBC, I am getting married soon and SSFBC has helped me tone up, thin down and build endurance! My clothes and jeans fit better and I feel GREAT!”

David J.

“My first six week session I lost 15 lbs. and gained an endless amount of energy. I have been attending SSFBC for two years now. It’s VERY INSPIRATIONAL!”

Ray P.

"I feel privileged to be part of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. I've been attending for over a year now! I have doubled my muscle strength and endurance and my cardio level is STRONGER than ever! SSFBC really is a team. I love my team."

Tim S.

“I have been attending SSFBC for 12 months. I have a lot more energy and endurance – training in the sand takes it to a whole new level. I LOVE it!”

Adam S.

"In my first six weeks - I lost 10 lbs., 2 inches off my waist, 1 notch off my belt buckle, doubled my push ups, cut 2 minutes off my 1 mile run time! Thanks superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP....HOOAH!"

Margarette C.

"I just completed the most AWESOME six weeks of my life! superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has changed my LIFE!"

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