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SuperSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has helped 1,000's of men and women get superFIT in Mind, Body and Spirit! We take great pride in the fact that our total body Boot Camp program helps change lives! Our graduates often thank us on the fact that they end up achieving much more than just a 'fit body'!

Check out what these SSFBC graduates had to say about the RESULTS they achieved:

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Inspiring, motivating, educational, and refreshingly fun is the best way I can describe superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. SSFBC integrates the perfect combination of cardio, strength training, and conditioning drills while motivating each person to push themselves to their personal best. After one class I was hooked to the unique camaraderie and positive energy that makes SSFBC one of a kind. Starting my day with SSFBC gives me the extra mental focus, energy, and motivation to keep inspiring the world to get, and stay, in shape!

Kim Lyons
Former NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ Trainer
Author & Fitness Expert


I have always wanted to thank you for changing my life.

Prior to SSFBC I hadn't done much to keep in shape. I had just had a 6-month-old baby so I had been planted on the sofa for quite a while. I instantly loved SSFBC! After 4 sessions of SSFBC I ran my first 5K. After running that first 5K which I thought would be impossible - I started to seriously consider the LA Marathon. This was completely foreign to me & to my family. I had always been the prissy girl who didn't like to sweat but SSFBC had changed me & in more than just a physical way. I suddenly had this belief in myself I had never had before. So, I again stepped up to the challenge and signed up for the 2007 LA Marathon! I have always considered the SSFBC TEAM my most important inspiration. I never would have thought any of what I was able to complete was possible had it not been for superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP.

Eternally grateful, Michelle B.


I have been significantly overweight and sedentary all of my adult life. Over the years, I tried different diets, gyms, trainers, books - usually with some short-lived success but nothing lasted. A few years ago, I hit 255 lbs. & climbing fast. My first day of SSFBC I could not complete a 1 mile run, and frankly didn't do so well at anything else. That day I determined within myself that I was going to show up everyday and give it everything I had. No more excuses. Since I have been attending SSFBC I lost 45 lbs.!

I am feeling fit and strong. A whole new life is opening up to me as I am experiencing a transformation within myself, as well as taking ownership of my physical body. I am so grateful for Alec's encouragement & enthusiasm for fitness, as well as the tremendous support that the fellow boot campers give each other. I love being outdoors, and the workouts are always changing. It's actually fun!! That is something I never thought I'd say about working out.

Thanks, SSFBC for showing me that anything is possible if I'm willing to work.

Elaine C.


Two years ago I was frustrated with fad diets and discouraged by unused gym memberships and then I happened upon superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP.

Alec Hunter and the SSFBC style training have completely changed my Fitness and Nutritional levels by providing me results. Results I never imagined I could accomplish.

I have lost 35 Lbs and 5 inches in my waist, my body fat percentage has dropped 12 percentage points, and in October I completed my first Sprint Triathlon.

SSFBC training sessions are well planned, creative, challenging and very motivating. Alec Hunter has a true passion for fitness and nutrition and it resonates through his classes. The tremendous energy and motivation that is created with every session puts me in a very positive mind set to tackle the challenges of the day and most importantly drives me to return to every session possible. SSFBC has become my fitness family and their continued support has been an invaluable ingredient of my success.

I start my third year vowing to be a SSF Boot Camper for life and chanting the superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP mantra "NEVER QUIT"!

See you at our billion dollar gym (the beach),

Herb B.


After completing my first session with superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP, I was completely hooked! Within the first 3 weeks I began noticing a difference. I was getting stronger and my body was changing. I am not a competitive person however, since boot camp, have noticed that I love to compete with myself and push harder and stronger every workout.

Not only is superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP good for the body but GREAT for the soul! There is nothing like waking up in the morning when it's dark out, exercising and being able to watch the sunrise. It is great way to start the day!

Allyson S.
(Proud Mom of 3)


I love superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP because it is super motivating and nothing but positive energy! As an athlete, I love the variety. We never experience the same workout twice. We work on strength training, agility, flexibility, muscle endurance and cardio in a fun and beautiful atmosphere. I love being able to exercise my entire body and push myself mentally in just one hour.

SSFBC provides challenging workouts with modifications for everything to make it harder or easier depending on your abilities or injuries.


David I.


After graduating college and starting my first "real job", I found myself falling into a slump of poor eating habits and minimal workouts. In a matter of 2 years, I had gained 20 pounds, no longer fit into my clothes, and began to spiral into depression. I had to do something fast.

Since April of 2006, I have been a proud member of the superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. The sense of team and comradery between campers creates an electric environment. I have pushed myself beyond what I thought was physically possible. The "Never Quit" attitude is contagious; I find myself excited to get up in the morning to work out.

However, I have not only improved physically -- losing fat, toning and sculpting, building muscle, and ultimately fitting into my clothes from college days -- but also my general outlook on life is much brighter.

I have found an untapped well of energy and a new-found confidence that helps me push over obstacles in my daily life.

Heather P.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP got me in the best shape I have been in since 12 years ago when I use to run marathons. I lost 14 lbs and got rid of many inches! I enrolled with my grandsons Ben and Stephen who also had a GREAT experience.

Hooray for superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP! Thanks so much.

Muriel S.
(w/ grandsons Ben and Stephen)


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has given my workout regimen a much needed shake-up. In 6 short weeks, my endurance has increased, I'm leaner, stronger, and the shape of my body has visibly changed. I'm currently in my third session. I absolutely love it. I am officially an OUTDOOR guy now. I spent years trying to workout inside of gyms. Now I can't imagine not being active outside. I've become addicted to being on the beach, watching the sun rise, knowing I've kick started my day with an incredible workout.

Ben B.


Prior to joining superSTAR FITNESS – BOOT CAMP I had never tried exercising outdoors. Now, I am addicted to it and don’t even want to go back to the gym. I absolutely love the challenge superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP offers. Every exercise routine we do is challenging yet fun!

superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is a great way to start my day, and an encouragement for me to adopt healthier food choices throughout the day.

I lost 7lbs and 6 inches off of my waist during one - six week session! My body is much more toned and I feel better about myself. My stamina has improved greatly and I am able to run longer distances before fatiguing.

I would definitely recommend superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP to anyone that’s trying to improve his or her overall health and fitness level.

But beware it’s definitely not for whiners, it’s hardcore yet fun!

Shakeila B.


I've done various workout activities in the past, but keeping to a consistent routine has always been a problem. In terms of cardio, I've always found it very difficult to run more than a mile or two.

The core- strengthening and cardiovascular training seemed to work for me. I started seeing results after just a couple weeks and the results continued. After just four weeks, I dropped weight, gained strength, and my body fat decreased 2 percentage points (a 10% decrease). I feel better, my clothes fit better, and now I actually look forward to that 30 minute run.

Thanks SSFBC,

Marc C.


I am addicted to superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP! I just finished my 5th Boot Camp and have already signed up for my 6th session. SSFBC is a fantastic program!

After completing my first 6 week session I found that I had so much energy and felt wonderful. I was also surprised at how quickly my body responded to the workouts. I became so much stronger, flexible and leaner. And I lost 8 pounds after my 1st six week session! Everyone in class was so supportive and they were always cheering you on. My Instructor is dedicated and passionate about health and fitness. He is so fun, positive and motivational, always encouraging and challenging you to push harder.


Melissa P.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP has opened my eyes to a new way of working out and enjoying it again. I have trained for marathons, worked with personal trainers, and been on programs through sports, but SSFBC has shown me how to have fun while working out, and still stay motivated.

Every workout is different, which prevents the boredom that often comes from routine workouts. Through the use of our own natural body weight, resistance bands, and medicine balls, it has proven to me that you do not need all the fancy equipment to be in really great shape. I leave each workout with a better attitude, and feeling as though I have been challenged more than the last workout.

superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP provides us the tools to be smarter about our lives in regards to our fitness. SSFBC has made me realize I cannot become better without my own hard work and dedication. It does not come by just showing up at 6:00 a.m., but the attitude I bring along."

Dena L.


I had been "planning" to get back into shape for almost 2 years. After 6 weeks of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP I have lost 10lbs, 3 in. around my waist and feel like a different person. My blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal and I feel GREAT!

Whist the cosmetic changes are noticeable, it is the mental changes that are even greater. I am stronger than ever and I have a new found positiveness that is hard to hide.

This is more than just a work out. It has helped me change my eating habits, create new and positive ones, and made me aware of all the junk that we so easily throw done our throats. Never again.

I love feeling the way I do - my wife loves the new me and all round I genuinely believe that I am a better person for it.

The energy within the camp was brilliant - you won't train harder on your own. Everyone was so supportive and we pulled each other along.

I haven't trained so hard since I was in the Army some 18 years ago. Their encouragement is contagious. There are other BOOTC CAMPS around, but these guys really are SUPERSTARS.

Gentlemen, it is good to be back!

Wayne J.


superSTAR FITNESS Boot Camp is like no other fitness Program I have experienced. I LOVE IT!

I have participated in other fitness programs, personal trainers and found SSFBC program to be diverse, challenging, fun and exactly what I have been searching for all these years. I have learned that when you enjoy something and you see and feel the rewards you keep doing it!

What I have learned and most impressed by the superSTAR FITNESS Boot Camp Program is that to be physically fit doesn’t require all the fancy toys or unnecessary space of a gym, it is the desire to challenge yourself regardless of your age, gender or fitness level and still get optimum results with a stimulating and scenic environment.

Thank You – Gina G.


Because of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP, I've incorporated running and strength training into my life, and feel great! I've been going "rain or shine" and am really starting to love running - which is new for me! Working out no longer inspires fear or exhaustion in me!

Thank you for all your help and support this year superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP - I could not have done this without you!

Raylene P.


Thanks to superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP I have conquered back pain and I feel better than ever. I have lost unwanted weight and I am more motivated than ever to work out every morning. Our Instructor is awesome in keeps us motivated, I would not change it for the world! I feel healthier & more energetic everyday, I am happier when I go into work every morning & it shows. Hoooaah!!

Lillian L.


My workouts were starting to feel stale and I was becoming unmotivated, sick of doing the same thing over and over again. I was looking for something new, something different and that's when superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP came along.

I have never been more motivated and had more fun. Everyday is a different workout, never really knowing what is in store makes it fun, exciting and challenging. I gladly accepted the new challenges and found myself rooting on other teammates.

I have never felt more in shape not just my body, but my mind and spirit!

Suzanne A.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is phenomenal. When I was told joining SSFBC was a chance to "take it to the next level," I thought it was just a slogan -- but in the past six weeks that slogan became reality.

SSFBC helped me achieve my goals -- I've lost weight, built endurance and feel better about myself. The hour flows like clockwork and the sessions build upon themselves to achieve results. What is impressive is the fact that each participant can push at his or her level while working together as a team.

Our Instructor inspires each boot camper to give it his or her all.

Brian H.


My EXPERIENCE throughout my first 6 weeks of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP was so amazing that I have signed up for a second time. I really enjoyed the encouragement and positive attitude that was given from not only Alec (my Instructor) but from the other boot campers. The encouragement contributed to me participating in my very first 5K. I liked how each day at boot camp was different it really helped make it challenging and exciting. Starting at 6:00 a.m. isn’t exactly easy but after it was done it was more then worth it.


Erika W


I first enrolled in superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP a few years ago and I could barely run a mile. With the help of amazing instructors and a group environment, I was motivated to reach goals I didn't think were possible.

I'm in the best shape of my life and much healthier and more active than I was prior to enrolling in superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP. The classes are so fun, motivate you to push yourself past what you didn't think was possible, and the team environment is so empowering and wonderful. Its the best way to start the day and it really works!

I truly am grateful for superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP being the start of my healthy lifestyle!



I was one of those people who thought that all boot camps' were the same. Great photos on their ads but no real results....

superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP proved me all wrong. This is by far the best boot camp I have ever attended.

There is so much support among the campers and being led by a guy whose energy is infectious makes being on the beach at 6 a.m. something I always look forward to.

Every workout is different so you're never bored and the results are second to none!

Thank You
Jennifer B.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is a true fitness program for anyone serious about results, incorporating flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance and body composition routines on a daily basis.

I found the workouts to be professionally designed and expertly directed.

I was impressed with SSFBC’s attention to various ability levels and your willingness to customize each routine to individual needs. Thank you SSFBC for providing an excellent program for me to recoup a high level of fitness.

Gene S.
Health/PE Instructor
Head Football Coach
Redondo Union High School


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP was such a great experience both physically and spiritually for me.

I compete in Women’s Tri-Fitness competitions twice a year and the balance and style of the total body fitness training conducted in superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP helped me get in the best shape of my life!

SSFBC is a perfect vehicle for anyone that wants to achieve a higher goal at any level. The SSFBC TEAM’s PASSION for helping others achieve their fitness goals clearly shows.

Marianne C.
Tri-Fitness Competitor
Mother of 3


Many gyms and workout programs make great claims that they deliver actual, measurable results; most fall well short of the mark. Gyms provide the equipment needed to get into shape but offer little or no motivation to use that equipment. Fitness classes often target only one specific area of training, such as aerobics, which is not sufficient to achieve maximum results.


SSFBC delivers maximum results based on its focus on some key components: variety of workouts, intensity of workouts, and ongoing positive motivation. First, no two days of SSFBC are ever the same. Each day's workout follows one of three themes; cardiovascular conditioning, anaerobic conditioning, and core strength conditioning. Flexibility training is also added each day, as well as some plyometrics for the more advanced.

No amount of training will ever yield results without proper motivation; SSFBC Instructors definitely help provide this key component. Rather than using an "In Your Face" approach one might expect in a Boot Camp type fitness program, SSFBC relies on encouragement and positive reinforcement.

The combination of proper training and 'REAL' motivation equals one thing: Tangible Results.

I achieved incredible results. I nearly doubled the amount of pushups and sit-ups (upper body and abdominal/core strength and endurance) I could perform in a timed period, and shaved an amazing 1:14 off of my one mile-run time (cardio respiratory and leg muscular endurance). I also greatly increased my anaerobic capacity, as well as my flexibility. My fitness level is the best it has been in years, and my motivation to continually improve is at an all-time high. I plan on continuing to train with SSFBC, and I strongly urge anyone who wants to reach their full potential to do so as well.

Juno N.


(Note: Marti’s wedding was captured and featured for "Rock the Reception" on TLC (The Learning Channel)

Thank you for helping my get into the best shape of my life. I made my goal and I felt great on my wedding day! Ever since attending SSFBC I seem to have turned into an avid runner.

Marti H.


After having our son and going through all the lifestyle changes that come with being new parents, we found ourselves out-of-shape, unmotivated and flat-out weak. We needed something GREAT to whip us back into shape and recharge our love for that adrenalin rush. superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP became the answer and more.

We signed up for SSFBC not knowing at all what to expect and had every expectation SURPASSED!

After three challenging (that is, beach challenging) and thrilling months, we're officially addicted.

Thank you, SSFBC for taking great care of us. We look forward to many workouts to come!

Lisa, 35, stay-at-home mom + graphic designer
Po, 35, dad + director
Gabriel, 3, future superSTAR BOOT CAMPER


After completing one session of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP, I was hooked.

Almost immediately, I noticed an increased energy level and felt myself getting stronger.

The best part of SSFBC is that you see real physical results while making exercise fun again!

The variety of activities, Alec’s consistently upbeat attitude and the group dynamics are natural motivators.

Michelle K.


I never really worked out prior to joining SSFBC - I am a workaholic. So, when I started, I couldn't run a mile, I now can run over 4 miles. Couldn't do push-ups, sit-ups, had no strength or balance and can do all of the above.

I have "seen" a difference not only in my physical state but mental. ALL of my friends cannot stop complimenting me in my results.

I'm living my life everyday to the fullest and healthiest. I thank you for inspiring me SSFBC!

Lydia M.


As a busy Financial Advisor, I don't have a lot of time to work out. That's why superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP works so well for me. I have tried other Boot Camp programs and none compare to SSFBC. No more boring classes or doing the same thing every time. SSFBC is unique and original.

I love the different challenges we do every class and how incredible I feel. I just turned 30 and I feel better than I ever have in my 20's!!

Thanks SSFBC for showing me that getting up early and working out can be so much fun.

Richard A.


I've seen and felt rewards in so many different ways the past 6-8 weeks. I look better, I feel better and my mind feels more relaxed. I've always been active and worked out in some form or another but I've never felt this strong and harmonious in mind, body and spirit.

Malisa C.


I lost 13 lbs., increased lean muscle mass, improved my cardio endurance & made huge gains in muscular endurance & strength after just 5 weeks of superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP! They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I feel like SSFBC has given a gift to all of us who feel empowered physically and emotionally from achieving outstanding results.

John N.


I am loving the change in my body and my energy, endurance and spirit.

SSFBC is wonderful and fun! The SSFBC TEAM really knows how to motivate, train and encourage, all with a smile. I just wanted you to know that your team is awesome. I can see and feel the difference in my body and others can too.

Thank you for this program!!!!!!!!! Thank you superSTAR FITNESS!!!!!

Anne S.


Prior to joining SSFBC, the last time I had tried to run a mile was in high school, and none too successfully (I typically walked versus run.) Now, after turning 30, and after four months of SSFBC, not only can I run a mile - or even six miles - I just participated and successfully completed my first triathlon! Without SSFBC’s motivation, continual support and 'Never Quit' attitude, I never would have had the cardiovascular endurance needed to reach this personal goal.

superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is ideal for anyone who wants to step up their activity level or reach their own fitness goals - from the out of shape beginner to the advanced athlete. The three day a week program is of tremendous monetary value, and helps keep you motivated and your energy levels high throughout the week. The extra added benefit is that this all takes place on the beach , while the sun rises over the ocean, with dolphins, sea lions and pelicans looking on. What an absolutely tremendous way to start your day!

Stacy J.


My participation in SSFBC has changed my life and how I feel about myself everyday.

I can't get enough! The results are extremely rewarding.

My initial motivation for joining was solely weight control, but I go back everyday because I am addicted to how I feel. I have more energy than ever before, handle stress better & feel more positive each day! My improved strength, flexibility, cardio endurance and a significantly lower body fat % are also constant motivators.

I've tried many fitness regimes over the years but nothing stuck until now.

What could be better than starting your day at the beach surrounded by great people who encourage and compliment each other on a daily basis. In addition, each day is challenging, results oriented and most importantly a lot of fun!

Alec, thank you for sharing your passion with us. Your amazing energy level and positive attitude are not only inspiring, they're CONTAGIOUS!

Jessica A.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is the best workout experience I have ever had.

I have participated in lots of classes and worked with personal trainers as well but must say this was the absolute best class ever. I was challenged every day and there was constant variety to the activities.

I have been actively working out for 30 years - since I was 18 years old and I've never had a better workout!

Mary Lou R.


I am 35 years old and I have now attended SSFBC for 9 sessions. Before I joined SSFBC my physical fitness and health had been on a downward spiral for some period of time. I had gained 40 pounds in the prior 7 years, my energy level was low (just going up the stairs was tiring), my blood pressure was too high, and I seemed to go from one cold or virus to the next.

Since I joined SSFBC the results have been impressive both tangible and intangible:

1) Body fat improved by over 10% from 33% to 22%
2) Sustained weight loss of 10 pounds (lost it and kept it off for over 1 year)
3) Strength - example: Boot Camp Day one 35 pushups, today close to 100 on a good day
4) Blood pressure: 140 - 90 to 110 - 70
5) Clothes fit better, look better, feel better
6) Sports performance: improved soccer goals per game by 0.5 goals per game
7) Only got sick once the entire year I attended boot camp (knock on wood) versus 10 times prior year

SSFBC has become part of my lifestyle and my family versus a one-time event. Even after a year the program is always fresh and new. The routines are always different and the instructor brings infectious energy every day. You also will find yourself endlessly motivated from all directions to improve in a very positive way. There are great inspirational examples all around you - 25 year olds who represent what you once were athletically; 65 year old grandparents whose fitness will amaze you and inspire you with the possibilities for the future.



I got back into much better shape as when I started SSFBC. A lot more energy, enthusiastic to work out. I feel great! The emphasis on core strength and cardio was very beneficial.

superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is a great program to cross train in if one runs and/or cycles on the side, etc.

Allen A., PhD.


Darla - Joining SSFBC has been a life changing experience for me. I lost 20 lbs. and some inches. I went from wearing a size 11/13 to a size 8/9. SSFBC has taught me how essential exercise is to your total well being and how to implement healthier eating habits into my daily life. - Darla

Sheila - I am now officially "CRAZY!" I used to call the people that got up at 6am to work out "crazy." And now, thanks to superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP, I've converted. - Sheila

Sue - SSFBC has helped me resume the discipline that I once had. As a result, my drive, determination and discipline in everything I do has escalated and I'm elated about that. Physically I feel much stronger. I lost 15 lbs. as well as some inches. I went from a solid size 8 (and in some clothes a size 10) to a size 6 (and in some clothes a size 4). My endurance has greatly improved and my body now has tone and definition. - Sue

Collectively, we've decided that this is a lifestyle instead of a quick fix.


Darla, Sheila, & Sue


I joined SSFBC as a way to lose weight and tone up for my wedding. With as little as two months to go, nothing I was doing on my own seemed to get the results I wanted. It was far too easy to skip a workout here or there or to go through the motions without truly putting in the effort. I was immediately welcomed into the group and encouraged to push myself harder than ever. As I improved, others took notice and encouraged me to raise the bar again. I fed off of this energy and just couldn’t get enough. I didn’t miss a single day, and I made it my own personal desire to be “on fire” every time.

Did it work? You bet! After just 6 weeks of boot camp, I’d improved my speed and endurance, my strength, and my flexibility. And the weight? I lost over ten pounds and decreased my body fat by 5%. My only regret is that my wedding dress alterations cost a little more – there was so much to take in!

Thank you SSFBC!

Sandy R


I knew after my first morning on the beach that SSFBC was like no other exercise program. The energy and camaraderie were amazing! I had never met these people before and they were already cheering me on to "Never Quit!" Marathon runners and mall walkers alike all bring their PCDA (Positive Can Do Attitude).

The workouts are always structured to be as challenging as you make it, no matter what your fitness level.

Every session I was motivated to push myself, and every morning I would leave SSFBC with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Eric R.


superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is amazing and helped me achieve my goals beyond my expectations. I had separated my shoulder pretty badly 3 months prior and it prevented me from getting any exercise. That combined with a 45-50 hour work week made my body get a little out of shape. SSFBC was exactly what I needed. I feel GREAT after all my sessions and I have so much energy I can run circles around most of my friends. My main goals were to tone up and get better at cardio because that is the one type of exercise I never seem to get a lot of. I already dropped 1:11 seconds from my one mile run!

I like the feeling of being in really good shape and eating healthy. I also like getting up early too and I have more energy than before. It really is a great sense of accomplishment and brightens my day.


As an avid yoga practitioner, I was very apprehensive about joining superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with SSFBC. The instructors were kind, educated and encouraging – they supported all types of people with various fitness backgrounds. They also understood my fears about joining such a program and let me work them out on my own. SSFBC is effective, economical and, most importantly, fun! It doesn’t get much better than getting healthy at a beautiful beach setting with a group of fun folks. I wound up liking SSFBC so much I just completed my second session and have signed up for my third!

Thanks superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP – you guys rock!

Amy H.


Having been a long-distance runner for much of my life, and always having placed much value on physical fitness, I already understood the math and science of what it takes to make transformations and achieve superior fitness results. Having trained for marathons in both -27°F and 127°F extremes, competing from sea level to 10,000ft., I understand a challenge, but have struggled with the mental motivation needed to maintain a steady pace for life.

The NEVER QUIT mentality demonstrated by superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is truly second to none. I learned the NEVER QUIT attitude reaches far beyond an extra push-up or set of stairs. This mentality, when truly adapted, extends itself into all areas of your life. The class taught me new ways to achieve great results through routines and activities I actually enjoy and look forward to. This finally put an end to the fitness rollercoaster I have endured throughout my life, teaching me to look forward to that part of the day instead of dreading it! I left every class feeling like I just completed the best workout of my life, without having to run countless miles.

The lessons learned in SSFBC have helped me to motivate others in my life to want to push themselves to new heights, and being surrounded by others with the same mentality makes the journey more enjoyable and results more attainable! SSFBC does not refer to an hour of coffee talk, nor an intimidating 60 minutes of defeat. It is definitely not a jump-start, but rather a whole new lifestyle.

Alec Hunter’s motivating, inspiring, and genuine energy is infectious.

For anyone needing to refocus, push further, gain new knowledge, or even to completely change their life, superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP is the answer.

Krysta M.


I have tried everything (24 hr. Fitness, Bally's, Personal Trainer) but nothing stayed with me. You have created a wonderful, supportive life changing alternative to the gym. I have become so inspired that I work out at home when I can not make it to SSFBC.

We are not promised tomorrow.

Thank you so kindly.
Margarette C.


Non-Stop inspirational ENERGY! superSTAR FITNESS BOOT CAMP adds mental strength that one can carry over to be useful in all areas of life. Participants of all levels can benefit from SSFBC. Challenging both mentally and physically, the quick results one obtains plus the FUN and never experiencing the same workout twice keeps the motivation levels high to stay committed!

SSFBC has helped me develop and more –well rounded and balanced workout regimen. Anyone that wants to improve themselves should attend!

Nancy H.

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